Even The Guardian Understands Free-Market Competition

The Guardian typically publishes articles with a strong anti-capitalist bent, from calling for the nationalization of Greyhound coaches to claiming that capitalism is “killing the planet.” So it was a pleasant surprise to see a Guardian headline highlighting one of capitalism’s many great benefits, perhaps unintentionally.

Contra Rep. Chip Roy, Rights Don’t Come from God

In a recent debate on Second Amendment rights in the House of Representatives, Representative Chip Roy gave an impassioned defense of Americans’ right to own weapons as a means to defend themselves against potential tyranny. Unfortunately, he made a crucial mistake.

Environmentalists Show Their Disregard for Human Life

Over the past week, environmentalist “protesters” affiliated with the “Insulate Britain” movement have twice blocked the M25, Britain’s busiest motorway. The reaction from the British police has been absurd. They’ve given these rights violators multiple polite...

Ricardo Ibanez and Craig Biddle: Rational self-interest vs Religion

Rational Self-Interest vs. Religion in Latin America

I recently joined Ricardo Ibáñez on his podcast, “Ricardo’s Time” to discuss Ayn Rand’s morality of rational egoism and how it compares to religious morality. Our conversation focuses on the value of Rand’s ideas to people from Latin America who were raised in...

Defining a Future to Fight For

Craig and I have just begun our first two (sold out!) sessions of the OSI course “How to Write Powerfully in Defense of Liberty,” and there’s a point that’s come up that I’d like to emphasize and to share with Level Up readers and contributors....

woman is a superhero in disguise

Want to Live among Heroes?

When I was a kid, my best friend and I were addicted to stories of people overcoming the impossible, and we wanted to live in a world of heroes to whatever extent we could. We would pretend we were characters from practically...