Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker

Thomas is a fellow and editor at Objective Standard Institute and an assistant editor at The Objective Standard. He works as an urban planning consultant, holds a master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University, and has done research for the Adam Smith Institute.

How to Make Work Something You Love

For many people, “work” is a word with unpleasant associations. Children associate it with the burden of school work, which they have to do, like it or not. Many adults associate it with a nine-to-five job, an onerous chore that they believe they must endure in...

The Golden Era of American Railroads

Rail travel in America today leaves much to be desired. State-funded operator Amtrak has a well-earned reputation for slow, often late trains, running on inconvenient schedules and using outdated equipment. It wasn’t always like that. While browsing through an...

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