Thomas Walker-Werth

Thomas Walker-Werth is associate editor at The Objective Standard and a fellow at both Objective Standard Institute and Foundation for Economic Education. He is currently writing his first full-length book, Reason for Living: A Rational, Fact-Based Approach to Living Your Best Life. See more of his work at
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Five Great Life Lessons from the Music of Rush

Music can be a powerful tool for enriching our lives. It can bring us joy, or provide solace during tough times. It can inspire creativity and spark passion. Some music can also teach us valuable life lessons. This is the case with much of the work of the Canadian progressive rock band Rush.

Even The Guardian Understands Free-Market Competition

The Guardian typically publishes articles with a strong anti-capitalist bent, from calling for the nationalization of Greyhound coaches to claiming that capitalism is “killing the planet.” So it was a pleasant surprise to see a Guardian headline highlighting one of capitalism’s many great benefits, perhaps unintentionally.

How Writing Saved my Career

Do you ever feel conflicted over what career path to pursue? Do you have multiple passions or interests you’d like to work into your life? For many years, I faced this dilemma, until I took up writing.

Contra Rep. Chip Roy, Rights Don’t Come from God

In a recent debate on Second Amendment rights in the House of Representatives, Representative Chip Roy gave an impassioned defense of Americans’ right to own weapons as a means to defend themselves against potential tyranny. Unfortunately, he made a crucial mistake.

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Thank You to the Heroes of Space Tourism

2021 has been a breakthrough year for space tourism. Although many rightly celebrate these impressive achievements, a large number of people in the press and on social media have criticized them, claiming the money spent on these missions would be better spent fighting poverty or climate change. These detractors make several major errors.