Three Uplifting Songs for Loving Life

Music can inspire us, comfort us, and cheer us up. If you want to live a life that’s bursting with joy, it helps to have upbeat songs for loving life on your playlist. To that end, I’m sharing three of my favorites that celebrate life.

Glen Miller: American Musical Icon

Glenn Miller was a revolutionary bandleader and an American patriot. He defined an era of America’s big band brilliance with beautiful melodies and irresistible energy. 

Five Great Life Lessons from the Music of Rush

Music can be a powerful tool for enriching our lives. It can bring us joy, or provide solace during tough times. It can inspire creativity and spark passion. Some music can also teach us valuable life lessons. This is the case with much of the work of the Canadian progressive rock band Rush.

Ella Enchanted: A Fun Celebration of Freedom

Imagine a Cinderella story that’s about something deeper than just a girl being swept off to become a princess. Ella Enchanted, a 2004 film starring Anne Hathaway, is exactly that: a fun film set in a medieval-style kingdom with fairies and elves that demonstrates the importance of freedom.