Angelica Walker-Werth

Angelica is a fellow at Objective Standard Institute, an assistant editor and writer for The Objective Standard, and an Ayn Rand Fellow with Foundation for Economic Education’s Hazlitt Project. Her roles at OSI include managing the internship and Active-Mind scholarship programs, course administration and development, and editing On Solid Ground. She writes nonfiction articles and speaks; you can see her work at She is a voracious reader of fiction in her spare time, and writes about the ideas in fictional works at
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“Natural Talent” Is Wasted without This

Although some people may naturally have a decent voice, nobody achieves the skill of the music industry’s top professionals without thousands of hours of practice.

Three Uplifting Songs for Loving Life

Music can inspire us, comfort us, and cheer us up. If you want to live a life that’s bursting with joy, it helps to have upbeat songs for loving life on your playlist. To that end, I’m sharing three of my favorites that celebrate life.

Improve Relationships, Teams, and Communication with Radical Candor

“Care personally, challenge directly.” These are the basic ideas that management coach Kim Scott suggests for being what she calls “radically candid,” a method of being honest and compassionate, especially when it comes to giving feedback. Her book Radical Candor is aimed at corporate managers, but most of its advice is applicable to any relationship.

Ella Enchanted: A Fun Celebration of Freedom

Imagine a Cinderella story that’s about something deeper than just a girl being swept off to become a princess. Ella Enchanted, a 2004 film starring Anne Hathaway, is exactly that: a fun film set in a medieval-style kingdom with fairies and elves that demonstrates the importance of freedom.

Objective Standard Institute in Prague

Last week in Prague, two phenomenal events demonstrated the synergy OSI is fostering and the value our partner organizations are creating.