Robert Begley

Robert Begley

Robert works as a speaking coach, helping TedX speakers and businessmen deliver more memorable messages. When he is not working, he enjoys swimming, playing basketball, practicing Bikram yoga, and dancing ballet.

Ted Lasso Inspires Success through Benevolence and Competence

Throughout the ten-episode first season, Lasso aims through his every action to help those around him become “the best versions of themselves.” Because he is an American in a new country, coaching a new sport, he faces adversity from practically everyone: the players, the team’s owner, the team’s former owner (ex-husband of current owner), the media, the fans, and even his own coaching staff. Despite this hostility, he demonstrates curiosity by always asking everyone’s names and learning about the relationship between their ideas and actions.

For Maximum Success, “Eat That Frog”

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with a project or task that you don't even know where to start? This often leads to procrastination. But if you sit down and think about the project, writing step by step what you need to do, things become clearer. How can we make...

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