Rush: My Gateway to Ayn Rand

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Art & Culture

How did you discover Ayn Rand? Whether you’re new to her work or have loved it for years, there are lots of ways to be introduced to it. Perhaps it was from discussions with family, friends, classmates, or on social media. Perhaps you saw film versions of her novels. Some people even learned from the comic strips of Spider-Man co-creator, Steve Ditko

For me and many others it was through the Canadian rock band Rush. I first heard them in the 1970s, shortly after their album 2112 came out. I loved their music and lyrics, and in the liner notes of that album, I saw a reference to “the genius of Ayn Rand.” Who is that? I went to the library and found Anthem. I got excited because that was also the name of one of the band’s songs. Reading this novella was the start of a lifelong love of Rand’s work for me, and it has enriched the lives of others by introducing them to her rich ideas as well. 

My own discovery parallels that of Matt Kibbe, co-founder and president of the pro-liberty organization Free the People. Every time I see Matt we refer to Rush as the gateway to Ayn Rand. Since the journey he describes in his well-made six-minute video parallels the path I took, I recommend it. 

Another gateway Matt and I will share is Freer Future Fest in Nashville on October 9. We’ll undoubtedly discuss Rush, Rand, and liberty. If you are in the area, join the conversation by registering for the event here. Get 50% off with our discount code: prometheus.

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