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If you want to live your life to the fullest, OSI is for you. It’s about the basic means to that end: rational, fact-based philosophy.

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“This conference was a rejuvenating and intellectually stimulating experience unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. If you told me the next conference would be held on a remote island in the Arctic Circle, I’d find a way to get there. I would swim through orca-infested, icy seas if I had to. That’s how much I loved this conference and how excited I am to attend the next one.” —Leisa

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OSI’s courses help you think more clearly, live more fully, and defend freedom more effectively

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OSI’s podcasts provide a constant stream of ideas, strategies, and tactics for success and happiness

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OSI’s conferences sharpen your mind, fuel your soul, and connect you with others who live to thrive


Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Reading Group

with Jon Hersey

21 hours total | 14 sessions

Deepen your understanding of Ayn Rand’s life-serving philosophy by studying Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s systematic presentation alongside other active-minded readers.

Atlas Shrugged Reading Group

with Angelica Walker-Werth

Immerse yourself in one of the greatest stories ever written about the battle between the individual and the state: Ayn Rand’s We the Living.

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology Reading Group

with Craig Biddle

9 hours total | 6 sessions

Expand and deepen your understanding of Ayn Rand’s theory of concepts, with a focus on the objectivity and use-value of the ideas.

Conceptual Clarity and Fallacies that Wreck It

with Craig Biddle

7.5 hours total | 5 sessions

Expand your understanding of the basic principles of concept formation and usage, along with the conceptual fallacies that thwart thinking and obliterate objectivity.


Philosophy for Flourishing

Philosophy for Flourishing, with Jon Hersey and occasional guests, explores principles and practices for living the happiest, most fulfilling life possible.

The Hero Show

The Hero Show, with Andrew Bernstein, Robert Begley, and occasional guests, explores the lives and achievements of heroes who have shaped our world.

Innovation Celebration

Innovation Celebration, with Thomas and Angelica Walker-Werth, explores recent advancements in science and technology and how they contribute to human flourishing.


LevelUp 2024

Excel in life. Fight for liberty.

If these are your goals, this conference is for you.


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A Forum for Ideas about Flourishing

On Solid Ground is OSI’s community blog for sharing life-serving values with life-loving people.

We invite you to submit your own posts, engage in the discussions, and enjoy a constant stream of great ideas for living a wonderful life.

Level up with OSI. It’s time to thrive.