Philosophy for Flourishing

Philosophy for Flourishing, a podcast of OSI, explores principles and practices for achieving and maintaining physical and spiritual health, and generally living the happiest, most fulfilling life possible. Join Jon Hersey and guests for rich conversations and useful ideas.

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Level up with OSI. It’s time to thrive.

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Jon Hersey

Jon Hersey

Fellow, Instructor

Jon Hersey (@revivingreason) is managing editor of The Objective Standard and holds fellowships at Foundation for Economic Education, where he writes in defense of freedom, and at Objective Standard Institute, where he teaches “How to Write Powerfully in Defense of Liberty.” He hosts the podcasts “Philosophy for Flourishing” and “The Hero Show.” He’s on a mission to identify and apply the principles of human flourishing. Get his ebook on writing in defense of liberty here, and join his mailing list at