Jon Hersey

Jon Hersey

Jon Hersey co-hosts the podcasts “Philosophy for Flourishing” and “The Hero Show,” helps teach courses for Objective Standard Institute, and writes and edits for The Objective Standard. His work focuses on intellectual history, specifically, the ideas on which freedom and flourishing depend.

Introducing OSI’s Republic of Letters

I’m excited to announce Objective Standard Institute’s brand new “Republic of Letters.” This is a meetup group for active writers who have taken (or are taking) one of OSI’s writing courses or have published an article with The Objective Standard. I will host...

Defining a Future to Fight For

Craig and I have just begun our first two (sold out!) sessions of the OSI course “How to Write Powerfully in Defense of Liberty,” and there’s a point that’s come up that I’d like to emphasize and to share with Level Up readers and contributors....

Want to Live among Heroes?

When I was a kid, my best friend and I were addicted to stories of people overcoming the impossible, and we wanted to live in a world of heroes to whatever extent we could. We would pretend we were characters from practically every movie and TV show we watched. One...

woman is a superhero in disguise

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