Craig Biddle

On Choosing to Be a Younger Son

Why do some people excel in life while others stagnate? Many factors are at play, but none is more powerful than free will. We can choose to think or not to think, to exert mental effort or not to do so. That’s our fundamental choice. And choosing to...

Why We Created OSI

Many people live unhappy lives because they accept philosophic ideas that undermine personal happiness, such as “Being moral consists in selflessly serving others.” Likewise, many advocate and live under statist or tyrannical regimes because they accept ideas that...

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Swan Lake and the Triumph of the Good

Swan Lake and the Triumph of the Good

“A gracefully effortless floating, flowing and flying are the essentials of the ballet’s image of man. It projects a fragile kind of strength and a certain inflexible precision.” ― Ayn Rand, The Romantic Manifesto Swan Lake has captivated audiences for more than a...