Ely Lassman’s Video Series on Rational, Practical Philosophy

by | May 20, 2024 | Announcements

Ely Lassman has launched a video series on YouTube, discussing philosophic issues from a rational, practical perspective. I encourage you to check it out and subscribe to his channel.

I’m excited to see Ely’s debut as a public intellectual. He was OSI’s first intern and helped us design our Internship Program; then he was a fellow at the Institute for several months; then he created his own position at Prometheus Foundation as quality assurance manager; and now, in addition to his work at Prometheus, he’s producing educational videos about practical, life-serving philosophy.

Ely’s journey illustrates one of the core purposes of OSI. We’re creating a multiplier effect by helping young people who are interested in intellectual careers to learn deeply, level up quickly, and develop careers advancing the ideas on which individual flourishing, social harmony, and political freedom depend.

Kudos to Ely! And be sure to check out his videos.

Also, join Ely, the OSI team, and hundreds of active-minded lovers of life from all over the world at LevelUp 2024, June 19–22 in Atlanta. Ely will discuss “The History of Philosophy as a Tool for Flourishing,” and other presenters will discuss or debate a broad array of ideas focusing on how to live fully and advance liberty.

Check out the speakers and program here. And join us for the most life-enhancing conference of the year!

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