Yet Another Reason to Come to TOS-Con: The Food!

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are many reasons to be excited about TOS-Con 2021, from the excellent talks to the gorgeous location on the Charles River, from the evening concert to the hundreds of like-minded people you’ll meet. But here’s one more you may not have thought of: the food.

Boston is known for its excellent food, and OSI has booked food trucks to bring some of these delights to you at the conference. These include:

  • Boston Burger Company, known for their burgers and mac and cheese (July 22).
  • Tres Latinas, a Venezuelan-American food truck offering empanadas, tequenos with garlic sauce, cheese cachapas (corn pancakes), and more (July 23).
  • Zaaki, a Mediterranean food truck featuring chicken and vegetarian dishes with lentils and pasta (July 24).

We also recommend checking out Moody Street, a ten minute Uber ride from the hotel, with Cuban, Asian, vegetarian, and Mexican restaurants plus grill houses and homemade ice cream shops. If you’d prefer to relax in the hotel, its restaurant, the Riverbend Bar & Grill, offers classic American cuisine.

Full conference passes, day passes, and scholarships are still available—sign up now!

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