Who Is Kiyah Willis?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Announcements

Kiyah was “woke.”

She had been raised that way. And she was convinced that her unchosen group characteristics, such as gender and race, determine who she is and what she can do. She was convinced that her personal choices had no power. And she was convinced that she and her tribe were “oppressed” by white men and the oppressive system they built.

These ideas were amplified throughout her high school years and then during her time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She became an activist, calling for restrictions on speech that countered woke ideas, and opposing anything that challenged the ideology of her tribe.

How did she escape the cult of “woke”?

By using her mind.

Kiyah began asking questions such as, “Do my beliefs make sense?” “Why do I believe this?” “What evidence supports it?” She started to see that woke ideology does not comport with the facts of reality. Indeed, it contradicts them.

During this period of thinking and introspecting, Kiyah came to LevelUp 2022, and the experience transformed her life. It not only showed her what’s wrong with woke ideology, it also introduced her to rational, life-serving philosophy, which she has been learning about and applying to her thinking and life ever since.

After that conference, Kiyah became one of OSI‘s first interns—and then an OSI fellow. Now, with more than 49,000 followers on X and over 500,000 likes on TikTok, Kiyah reaches millions each month with rational, life-serving ideas.

At LevelUp 2024, she will speak on “Individualism, Identity Politics, and Your Life“—making crucial identifications and distinctions that people need to know in order to counter the woke assault on human life and to embrace a philosophy of individualism, personal success, and social harmony.

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