The LevelUp 2023 Program Is Announced!

by | Feb 23, 2023 | OSI Events

The program for LevelUp 2023 has been posted.

Learn from and engage with world-class thinkers on philosophy, self-development, cultural issues, politics, and the arts.

Speakers and the program include:

Panel Discussions

  • “Independence in a Time of Tribalism” (OSI fellows, staff, and interns)
  • “The Future We Want and How to Achieve It” (Bari Weiss, Craig Biddle, Eric Daniels, and Timothy Sandefur)

Main Stage Talks

  • Craig Biddle: “Intentionality: The Source and Power of Purpose”
  • James Clear: “Atomic Strategy: Why and How to get 1% Better Every Day”
  • Eric Daniels: “Free Speech, Censorship, and Life-or-Death Distinctions”
  • Timothy Sandefur: “Rebel Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright”
  • Martin Hooss: “Integrity: Who Needs It”
  • Max Lugavere: “Foods for Flourishing: The Science as It Stands”
  • Bari Weiss and Craig Biddle: “The New Intellectuals America Needs”
  • Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch: “How to Enjoy Classical Music (Despite the Pretense and Poop)”
  • Andrew Bernstein: “The Education Cancer and its Cure”
  • John Little: “Fitness for Flourishing: Get and Stay Healthy in 20 Minutes a Week”
  • Sahar Tartak: “How I Stood Up for Reason against Illiberalism—and You Can Too”
  • Craig Biddle: “On Choosing a Philosophy for Loving Life”

Breakout Sessions

  • Angelica Walker-Werth: “Freedom and Innovation: A Vital Reciprocity”
  • Kiyah Willis: “My Journey from Wokeness to Rational Thinking”
  • Dan Sanchez: “Drawing Inspiration from Heroic Individualists, Real and Fictional”
  • Luc Travers: “Spiritual Fuel in Visual Art”

Save 20-50% on registration with early-bird pricing (ends March 15).

Scholarships—covering travel, hotel, and banquets—are available to young adults aged 18-29. Apply here.

Excel in Life. Fight for liberty.

If these are your goals, this conference is for you!

P.S. Registration is risk-freeLevelUp has a 100% money-back guarantee, so if for any reason you can’t come or don’t enjoy the conference, we will refund your registration fees in full.

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