Level Up in Life Like Never Before

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Announcements

If you’ve attended TOS-Con in the past, you know the soul-fueling power of our conferences.

But LevelUp 2023 will break the mold.

We’ve not only changed the name to reflect the theme of the conference, we’ve also incorporated new ways to help you discover and integrate values for loving life.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

You’ll hear top Objectivist intellectuals and classical liberals—such as Timothy Sandefur, Eric Daniels, Andrew Bernstein, and Bari Weiss—discuss the ideas on which individual flourishing and social harmony depend.

You’ll hear self-development experts—such as James Clear, Max Lugavere, and John Little—discuss how to form life-serving habits and break bad ones; how to navigate the labyrinth of today’s nutritional claims and create healthy, good-tasting meals; and how to get and stay physically fit in less than 20 minutes a week.

You’ll hear budding intellectuals—such as Martin Hooss, Angelica Walker-Werth, Kiyah Willis, and Sahar Tartak—discuss topics ranging from integrity vs. the mind-body dichotomy, to the relationship between innovation and freedom, to transitioning from “wokeness” to rational thinking, to standing your ground despite pressure from authorities.

You’ll hear young OSI fellows and intellectuals discuss how they advocate and apply individualism in today’s tumult of tribalism.

You’ll enjoy presentations on architecture, painting, and sculpture—as well as a discussion and performance of classical music. And you’ll learn to swing dance!

On top of all that, you’ll meet and network with hundreds of active-minded, life-loving people from all over the world.

Imagine the kinds of opportunities that entails.

Countless friendships, professional engagements, and romantic relationships have begun at our conferences. And it’s no wonder. These events bring together people who are passionate about thinking clearly, living fully—and engaging with people like you

This year, however, the potential is even greater.

We are expecting more than 600 attendees—and aiming for 700—mostly between the ages of 18 and 30.

To miss this conference is to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Join us in Phoenix for the most life-enhancing conference of the year—and possibly of your life.

Whatever plans you may have for June 21–24, if they can be changed, this is a time to change them.

(Scholarships—covering travel, hotel, and banquets—are still available for 18–29-year-olds. Click here for details.)

Let me know if you have any questions about LevelUp. I’d be happy to chat on the phone.

Join us in Phoenix. You’ll be glad you did. And your new friends will too.

Oh—and now through the end of April, you’ll save 15–45% on registration.

LevelUp. It’s time to thrive.

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