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The Motivating Power of Positive Values

The Motivating Power of Positive Values

Have you ever set a goal—then struggled to find the motivation to achieve it? Perhaps the goal wasn’t a good fit for you; maybe it conflicted with your other values, wasn’t life-serving, or didn’t make good use of your skills and interests. But sometimes the goal is...


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Real Change Requires Courage

Real Change Requires Courage

Many people stay in unfulfilling careers or relationships despite feeling a nagging sense of fear and frustration. Why do they do this? In some cases, difficult circumstances or factors outside our control can make leaving a job or relationship extremely hard. Many of...

Kiyah Willis on YouTube: A Voice of Reason for Gen Z

Kiyah Willis on YouTube: A Voice of Reason for Gen Z

OSI fellow Kiyah Willis has launched a YouTube channel, where she’ll be posting commentary on cultural trends and current events from a rational philosophic perspective. In her first video, “Why I Left the Left,” she explains the start of her journey. Her future...