Explore ‘Uniquely Human Moments of Triumph’ with Audiomachine

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Living Well, Music

Many of us listen to music as we work, study, exercise, or read, and this can enhance our enjoyment of these activities. However, when I want to truly enjoy a song, especially an instrumental piece, I sit back and listen to it with my eyes closed. Focusing on the music, I invite myself to be carried away by the images, scenes, and emotions it evokes in my mind. This can be incredibly rejuvenating and, when the music is particularly powerful, extremely motivating.

One of my favorite sources of emotionally powerful music is Audiomachine, a music production company that specializes in producing “epic music.” Much of their work is written for use in movie trailers and advertising campaigns. Although I find most of their music captivating, I was particularly struck by their 2018 album Ascendance. In the creator’s own words, this album explores those uniquely human moments of triumph and tenderness, inspiration and imagination, darkness and even danger.” It packs an emotional punch with a huge range of themes expressed through stunning orchestration.

Although I find the entire album moving, my favorite track by far is “Leap of Faith.” At the start, it’s tranquil yet confident, like a calm sunrise but with a sense of bigger things to come. From there, the song swells, gradually building to a magnificently victorious section that continues for most of the piece. Listening to this with my eyes closed, I picture views from the tops of mountains, feel feelings of triumph, reflect on goals accomplished, and experience an overwhelming sense of vitality. Without words, it conveys an idea of the utter joy of achievement. I have found that listening to this song is a simple yet beautiful way to be inspired to strive toward reaching my fullest potential in life.

 Check out “Leap of Faith” below. May it inspire you as much as it inspires me!

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