Experience the Practical, Life-Serving Value of Philosophy at TOS-Con 2020

by | May 27, 2020 |

TOS-Con is all about practical, life-serving philosophy—with an emphasis on “practical” and “life-serving.” So what’s in store for you July 29–August 1?

Explore the Value of Philosophy and History

Freedom and flourishing are not givens. Understanding the facts and principles on which they depend is essential to living a good life. To see how philosophy and history can help you develop such an understanding, keep an eye out for these talks:

  • Andrew Bernstein’s “Heroes of Philosophy”
  • Jon Hersey’s “History: Who Needs It”
  • Jason Crawford’s “The Role of Science in the Industrial Revolution”
  • C. Bradley Thompson’s & Timothy Sandefur’s “America’s Revolutionary Ideas: Their History and Future”
  • Craig Biddle’s “Secular Spirituality”

 Take Your Career to the Next Level

Discover how fact-based, life-serving philosophy forms the foundation of meaningful and enjoyable work and hear firsthand from people who have leveraged such ideas to great effect. Join us for talks like:

  • Isaac Morehouse’s “The Ins and Outs of Startups”
  • Rajshree Agarwal’s “Designing Your Life around a Central Purpose”
  • Tim White’s “Freelancing Your Way to Felicity and Financial Freedom”

 Celebrate the Life-Affirming Value of Art

Although your career is a key part of your life, it’s not the only one. A practical, life-serving philosophy underpins all facets of life—like the enjoyment of art.

 Your life is richest when filled with great art, whether that’s music, literature, or visual art. Celebrate the arts at TOS-Con with talks such as: 

  • Lisa VanDamme’s “Edmond Rostand: Soul of a Romantic, Smuggler of the Ideal”
  • David Crawford’s “Music and Life”
  • Timothy Sandefur’s “A Brush with John Singer Sargent”

Discover Ideas for Healthier Living

Mental and physical exercise are crucial to good health. At TOS-Con, you can cultivate both! Join us for:

  • Chad Morris’s “The Tortoise and the Hare: The Case for Slowing Down Your Exercise”
  • David Crawford’s Lindy Hop Workshop

 Join Us for All of This—and More!

Download the full schedule to see all of the mind-, body-, and soul-fueling content you can explore at TOS-Con this summer.

And if you register by May 31, you’ll save 15% on registration. I hope to see you there!

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