Craig Biddle’s Podcast Under Standing Launched

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Announcements

Today, OSI cofounder and executive director Craig Biddle released the trailer for his video podcast Under Standing. Watch it here. Also, you can get live updates of new episodes by subscribing to his channel and hitting the notification bell here.

Under Standing is a podcast about, “what it means to understand ideas and apply our understandings so that we can live beautiful lives and defend liberty on solid ground.” 

If you’re hungry for answers to questions such as “What does it mean know?,” “What is truth?,”  or “What does it mean to understand?,” you’re in for a treat.

The title of the podcast hints at the answer to some of these questions. As Craig puts it “[Understanding an idea] means to know or to grasp what stands under the idea. . .” For a deeper explanation of what understanding an idea means, watch the trailer.

If you’re a writer, philosopher, thinker, or decision-maker who aims to live a wonderful life and promote liberty, Under Standing will help you achieve those goals through a better understanding of understanding. Subscribe now.

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