Innovation Celebration

Innovation Celebration explores recent advancements in science and technology and how they contribute to human flourishing. Join hosts Thomas and Angelica Walker-Werth to learn what makes innovation possible, how it’s achieved, and celebrate those whose accomplishments in these fields are improving our quality of life.

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Your Hosts

Thomas Walker-Werth

Thomas Walker-Werth

Fellow, Editor

Thomas is a fellow and editor at Objective Standard Institute and an assistant editor at The Objective Standard. He works as an urban planning consultant, holds a master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University, and has done research for the Adam Smith Institute.

Angelica Walker-Werth

Angelica Walker-Werth

Fellow, Research Associate

Angelica Walker-Werth is a fellow at Objective Standard Institute and an assistant editor and writer for The Objective Standard. Her roles at OSI include course administration and promotion, writing and editing for Level Up, and data analysis. She holds bachelor’s degrees in horticulture and Spanish from Clemson University and enjoys reading, playing the piano, ballet, and traveling.