Guidelines for Submitting Posts to Level Up

Level Up is a forum for sharing life-serving values with life-loving people. The blog is moderated to ensure that posts align with this purpose. Examples of good topics for Level Up articles include self-development ideas, art reviews and recommendations (movies, television shows, music, etc.), stories of personal achievement, and business strategies. So if you have ideas, recommendations, or practices for flourishing, this is the place to share them.

 Here are a few guidelines for getting your post published:

  1. Make one main point and make it clearly. Please include with your submission a theme for your article in the form of a single grammatical sentence expressing the main idea you aim to communicate.
  2. Make clear why you think the subject is important, interesting, or of value to readers.
  3. Keep it short. Posts of 400 to 800 words are more likely to be published and shared widely.

 It can help to read your post out loud to a friend or two and ask whether they find it clear, concise, and interesting.

 We hope to see your posts on Level Up!