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Who Is Ely Lassman?

Ely will explain why and how studying the history of philosophy has transformed his life—and how it can transform yours, too.

Who Is Kiyah Willis?

At LevelUp, she will make crucial identifications and distinctions that people need to know in order to counter the woke assault on human life.

Levelup Transformed My Life

For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by exceptional people. People who asked big questions and wanted rational answers.

Who Is Carl Barney?

In How to Develop Your Happiness Plan, he will walk you through a proven way to increase your happiness dramatically.

Who Is Hannah Frankman?

Hannah Frankman has been breaking rules all her life. When it came time for college, Hannah did what most kids don’t.

Who Is Wilfred Reilly?

Reilly will present his views about what is wrong with “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” and which ideas should replace them.

Early-bird Savings for LevelUp Extended to March 15

Because we’re still developing the (amazing!) program for LevelUp 2024 (Atlanta, June 19–22), we’ve extended early-bird savings to March 15. You and your friends can still save 50% on registration! Register now. Check out the roster and program here. If you’re aged...