Angelica Walker-Werth

Angelica is a fellow at Objective Standard Institute, an assistant editor and writer for The Objective Standard, and an Ayn Rand Fellow with Foundation for Economic Education’s Hazlitt Project. Her roles at OSI include managing the internship and Active-Mind scholarship programs, course administration and development, and editing On Solid Ground. She writes nonfiction articles and speaks; you can see her work at She is a voracious reader of fiction in her spare time, and writes about the ideas in fictional works at
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Explore ‘Uniquely Human Moments of Triumph’ with Audiomachine

Many of us listen to music as we work, study, exercise, or read, and this can enhance our enjoyment of these activities. However, when I want to truly enjoy a song, especially an instrumental piece, I sit back and listen to it with my eyes closed. Focusing on the...

Eleanor Roosevelt walking a dog by a lake

Eleanor Roosevelt on Being an Individual(ist)

“Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. What is an individual? The Cambridge Dictionary gives us a few definitions, the first two being: “a single person or thing,...